Charmed: Marry-Go-Round

Gone Wrong

Her wedding day
Supposed to be happy
Things going wrong
Whammy on the gown
Face cream major breakout
Vanishing spell cast much too well
No white wedding
Instead a dark one
That is performed
All according to plan

Tomorrow the plan is to watch the last episode of Batwoman and just pretend that it was a miniseries since the plan for next season literally makes no sense when the smart thing would be to recast the role. Soaps do it all the time.

I found this adorable pin on Etsy that’s for BLM and inspired by Care Bears so go and check it out. The proceeds are going to BLM.

Over the past year or so I’m been trying to make more of an effort to read books by authors who are different ethnicities from me and by Irish authors since any author I’ve read that happens to be Irish was totally by accident so obviously, this is a work in progress. There are so many good books just waiting for me to dive into. I just wish I could read faster. I just type in the genre and say if I’m looking for books by black authors or Asian authors etc since that seems to make the most sense to track down books I’d enjoy. If I enjoy a cozy mystery written by a white author odds are good that I’ll enjoy one by a black author.

Black Etsy Shop Owners List: I’ve found some great things on there so why not do a little retail therapy and help a fellow human being out at the same time.

For ways, you can help. There are links to petitions etc.

Stream To Donate: I’m not sure if they still work since I read that YouTube is yanking them but when I looked they are still up.

Found another video where you can help just by playing the video.

Here’s another video that’s a stream to donate sitch.

Watch this video without fast-forwarding to help if you can’t donate.  I’m glad I found that because I wasn’t going to mention that as a way to help not that I have a platform because I figured if anyone saw me say that they would judge me for that because it was a stupid idea. This blog was started as a creative outlet for me and a way to get away from the insanity that I put myself through for years obsessing over a PageRank and how much traffic I was getting. I don’t even know if I have a PageRank since I’ve never checked and don’t plan on doing that and I don’t really advertise it either. 

This is something everyone can easily do. I’m often on YouTube but most of that time is watched via my TV so I have watched videos and let the ad run. I saw one person do a video and this was someone who had placed about five orders on Book Outlet etc over the past few months and although I think it was just passion to get people to help it could totally be taken as you’re trash if you don’t donate anything. I think it’s better to just help in the ways you can by signing petitions and doing something as simple as letting ads play so the person doing the video gets more coin. Sure if you’re able to donate that’s awesome too but at the same time, it isn’t right to look down on those of us who can’t help in that way.

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