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Once upon a time the only way you knew who you were reading was if there was a picture of the author.  I didn’t know what authors looked like and I didn’t always know if it was a woman or a man etc writing the book. There just wasn’t a way to make such a specific search. Now it is relatively easy to just type in cozy mystery books written by black authors etc. You can’t just make a generic search. If you love certain genres include that in your search. I’ve been working on this and I also wanted to read some Irish authors since I wasn’t away of any. If someone asked me my mind would be blank. It’s not like someone was following me around keeping track of what I’ve read over the years and I didn’t get full-on computer access until 2007. Before that my computer access was limited to the library or a class I was taking.

1. Vampire Huntress series by LA Banks: This first book in this series is Minion. I have never heard anyone talk about this series. I found this a while back when I was at the library. The library is how I find most of my reads since I’ve been living library life my whole life and continue to do so with two library cards. Anyhoo I really need to get back to this series. I did start collecting the books. I must have discovered this series back when there weren’t many books in the series. I do want to check out her other work as well.

I think this series might appeal to fellow Buffy fans. Damali is a Vampire Huntress and she works with a group just like Buffy did but she’s black so she’s more like an adult version and more well adjusted than Kendra was and she’s an adult. I did enjoy the Anita Blake books but they just turn into porn in the later books and the series just keeps going and going. She is also a hip-hop star. There’s a Carlos but I’m totally blanking on more details since it has been a while but I have been thinking about this series for a while now. I just need to slip it in since I did enjoy the books I read.  I at least read the first couple or maybe three. Sadly all too often books fall by the wayside because other books just keep distracting me. I also think people might not talk about this series because it came out in 2003 and it seems like Booktubers just focus on new releases. I think some of them would refer to this as an ancient book. I’ve heard people refer to a book that came out in 2014 as a really long time ago. Say what?

2. Claire Kann: Her first book Let’s Talk About Love came out in 2018 and I enjoyed it. It is about a BIromantic asexual girl. I’m not sure I read it the year it came out or if I read it last year. Her second book came out this year and I just finished it yesterday. I enjoyed If It Makes You Happy even more than I did the first. I am looking forward to her next book that comes out next year in June. I’m not sure about the third but the first two are both queer so perfect timing if you want to read some good queer fiction featuring black main characters. Also, both covers just scream summer to me even though summer doesn’t start until the 20th although she has been slapping spring out of the way for a while now. Can summer just not happy this year? Can someone pull the plug and replug this year to see if we get a better result?

3. Out by Natsuo Kirino: I read this I don’t think last year but the year before. I really enjoyed it. I’ve been eying Grotesque and Real World by her. This book is about women who work at a lunchbox factory. One of them kills her husband and a very interesting way to earn money happens. I do plan on reading more by her. I just need to do it when I’m feeling in a murdery type of mood.

4. The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan: I’m pretty sure I read this book but that was many many moons ago so I want to do a reread and check out other books by her. And there’s a movie too. I think this would be called a family saga. It is about four Chinese women who are recent immigrants to San Francisco. I remember the cover. Since my brain doesn’t work like most brains I’m sure that when I do pick this book up and start reading it something will seem familiar to me even if it just happens to be characters’ names.

5. Terry McMillian: I’m not sure if I’ve read her or not. She could be just another author much like Robin Hobb who has been on my radar for years that I haven’t picked up yet. I had her newest release checked out from the library but the due date came and I haven’t read it yet because as is often the case I was reading other books. I was really into If It Makes You Happy. But I did find her first book on Hoopla so I will be able to check her out with a different book. I could be confusing her with another author since I read authors where more than one has the same first name. Yes Terry and Terry I’m looking at you so she would make three but the first black woman since the other two are white men and both write fantasy.

6. Flyy Girl by Omar Tyree: I found a black man that writes chick lit at least this book was included in a list when I was searching for chick-lit written by black authors. Since I somehow morphed into a multiple book reader there are times when one book gets most of my attention and others get left out. This is one of those books but since I did finish If It Makes You Happy I will be able to read it more unless a migraine comes calling again. Don’t get any ideas migraine. It’s bad enough my back is screaming at me as I type this. I’m not too far in but it is about Patti and her family. I’m not sure how many sisters there are because it’s been about a week or so since I last picked up the book thanks to a double round of migraines and getting wrapped up in that other book. I’m also extra interested because this was written by a man.

7. Miyuke Miyabe:  I really enjoyed Crossfire which is kinda like Firestarter only set in Tokyo. She’s a vigilante that can set people and things on fire. I really want to read more books by her. I just need to find out what books have been translated into English.

8. NK Jemisin: I did have The Fifth Season checked out from the library and enjoyed what I read of it but I want to go back and read her first series the Inheritance “Trilogy”. When I’m feeling the need for all the fantasy I will pick it up. It’s absolutely amazing that she won the I believe Hugo award for all three books in the Broken Earth Trilogy which seems to actually be a trilogy while other things called trilogy are a bit shaky since my definition is three books. And the plan to read more Gen X authors works for this author. Can we just get rid of Rowling? Someone needs to do the paperwork to get her denounced as a Gen X.

9. V.M. Burns: I really enjoyed her Bookshop Mystery series. All five books currently out are on Hoopla. Another series by her is also on Hoopla and I want to check that out. I’m not sure how many books are in that series but I think at least two are on Hoopla. A widow opens a mystery bookshop and murder and hijinks ensue. I would love Nana Jo to have a spin-off series with her friends from Shady Acres.

10.  A Love Hate Thing by Whitney D Grandison: My pal Anna described this as a black version of The OC which got my attention. I’m guessing a wee bit over the top. I just saw a picture of the author and it’s just my opinion but girl would not be out of a place on a soap opera. She’s gorgeous. Also, the ebook is $1.99 on Amazon.

11. Get A Clue, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert: It looks like this is going to be a trilogy at least since there are three sisters and the most recent release is about another series. I heard about this book last year. At one time I did read a lot of romance novels. Lately, I guess I’ve been kinda dipping my toe in at least through chick-lit. I heard about this last year so it has been on my radar for a while now. I’m pretty sure the second book is already out or is about to but I’m not sure since release dates are getting delayed because everything gone’s crazy.

12. Alyssa Cole: I do want to check out this author. She’s been on my radar for at least the past year or two. Also, perfect timing for pride month since there’s a female romance in I think it’s called the Reluctant Royals series. She does have a new book that’s a spin-off but to me, any book that takes place in the same universe is the same series. I also count every book in a series which is probably why I get confused because for some crazy reason other don’t do it. Even if the book is small it is still part of the series. I bet people think the original Twilight Saga was four books while now it is up to seven books.

Obviously, there are more. If you have any recommendations please leave them down below. This is an attainable goal this year, after all, I did read Claire Kann’s book and I’m currently reading Flyy Girl so that’s two on the list. Of course, I could have just jinxed myself by saying that. I’m not calling this a TBR since that would make it an utter failure because my brain doesn’t work like that. I reject assigned reading even if I’m the one doing the assigning and the books are books I’m interested in reading. This is probably why I’ve never been in a book club.

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