Charmed: Bite Me

Got Fangs

Met a cute guy
Had a pair of teeth
Attacked by bats
Close to becoming
Giving into bloodlust
Fangs popping out
A kill not made
Transformation not complete
Unexpectedly he helps out
Chance to kill her didn’t take
Battle of wills within rages on

I might do a book tag in the upcoming week. I want to say that Wednesday is literally the middle of the month although I could be wrong after all me and math aren’t exactly besties. I’m still not in a feel like writing kind of mood.

I found this adorable pin on Etsy that’s for BLM and inspired by Care Bears so go and check it out. The proceeds are going to BLM.

Black Etsy Shop Owners List: I’ve found some great things on there so why not do a little retail therapy and help a fellow human being out at the same time.

For ways, you can help. There are links to petitions etc.

Stream To Donate: I’m not sure if they still work since I read that YouTube is yanking them but when I looked they are still up. There are some YouTubers that are giving the AdSense for a video that’s just a regular video.

Found another video where you can help just by playing the video.

Here’s another video that’s a stream to donate sitch.

Watch this video without fast-forwarding to help if you can’t donate.  I’m glad I found that because I wasn’t going to mention that as a way to help not that I have a platform because I figured if anyone saw me say that they would judge me for that because it was a stupid idea. This blog was started as a creative outlet for me and a way to get away from the insanity that I put myself through for years obsessing over a PageRank and how much traffic I was getting. I don’t even know if I have a PageRank since I’ve never checked and don’t plan on doing that and I don’t really advertise it either. 

The newest Dystopian Log Posts are up to date on the page called Dystopian Log which is right below National Poetry etc link. Day 77 was posted this week

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Sailor Mood 3 is now out.

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And I give you Sailor Mood. I wonder if the migraine makes things weirder or less coherent than usual. I’m putting the links on the page where I put last year’s links to National Poetry Month. So if anyone is interested check there. I’m not sure how often it will happen.

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