My Two Cents: New Batwoman

When it comes to the I think it’s the DC universe and the city of Gotham I’m pretty clueless. It is DC, right? Anyhoo I’ve never seen a Batman movie although I’ve seen the original TV show because I’m pretty sure Fox was airing it along with other older shows that were on before I was born.

I’ve dipped into the superhero thing when I watched Lois And Clark and later Smallville. I also watched Birds Of Prey. Alice from Batwoman was also on Birds Of Prey as Dinah who was Yellow Canary’s daughter or is it Black Canary? I guess it’s Black Canary. I really enjoyed Birds Of Prey so I was bummed that it got canceled. So when I heard about Batwoman I thought it was about Barbara Gordan. I just figured that someone bitched about the use of the word girl and changed it to woman. Personally, I like the word girl. It’s the only exclusive word we got unlike woman and lady but whatever.

So I was confused when I watched it and saw some chick called Kate. Maybe I’m an oddball because I didn’t read the comics or watch the movies although I have read the new revamped Batman comic at least I think it was Batman. When I heard Ruby was leaving I just figured they’d do the obvious thing and recast the part. I’m a longtime soap viewer although I’ve been a bad one of late so I’m no stranger to a new person playing the role. That’s what should have happened. I’m baffled about why this didn’t happen.

Now there’s a new chick that’s gonna be Batwoman but she’s black and I’m confused. Um was it a requirement for those trying out to be a part of the gay community? You do realize this is acting, don’t you? Neil Patrick Harris a gay man played Barney who was very much not gay for years and he did it well.  Call me simple but I think the best one for the job should get it regardless of what’s going on in her bedroom. If they wanted to add a new character that’s totally fine but this Ryan character becoming Batwoman just doesn’t make sense. Is Luke going to accidentally throw out the suit out or maybe he loses it when he tries to get it drycleaned while Kate is who knows where? Is it going to magically fit the new girl? 

Maybe I’m also strange for enjoying the first season of this show but I did. This new character sounds kinda funny because of the description. Come on she lives in a van with a plant. I wonder what the name of the plant is. I have a cat-shaped cactus. That description could lead to me writing some weird fanfiction before I even see Ryan on the screen. I did watch the first episode of God Friended Me so I’m not sure if I saw Javicia Leslie or not but she’s gorgeous. Sure put her in the show but have her play someone else.

Javicia could be Catwoman or if you want to keep with the Bat theme she could be Batgirl. I’m going to at least watch the first episode because I’m curious but I honestly think this is going to be a legendary epic fail. The character of Kate ties in with so many of the characters that this new girl just won’t. Sure she could have some kind of connection with someone but I think this should have been done differently.

This actually makes less sense than making Ariel black. That confused me too. It just sounds very hand me down. Why not create a new character set in that world and just have Ariel be a part of the world with the new character or in the case of this show have her play someone else. She doesn’t have to play Batwoman to be a main cast member. On Xena, it wasn’t just Xena since she had Gabrielle just like on Buffy it wasn’t just Buffy as a main character. Just because the show is named after a character doesn’t mean there aren’t other characters that are just as important to the show itself.

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